A successfully completed wind energy project has at its heart the right team of reliable experts in the field. We provide for the high-quality manpower needed.

Our company was founded in 2010 and has been growing since. Our offices in Europe and the Middle East give us the advantage to be centrally located and globally active with successfully completed projects in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. With extensive experience in multiple phases including installation and commissioning. Our latest activity in large scale projects in Middle East and Africa the last three years up to today have made the teams able to gain skills such as: Working under pressure, working to tight deadlines, coping with demanding tasks for long periods and Time management: dealing with many projects at the same time. Also, the involvement in EPC projects for the largest operators in the field has made us stronger in understanding the complete picture of the definition of integral Wind Projects. Starting from an empty field with the first top soil removal to completed operating windfarms.

Our greatest asset is our team. Known for our trustworthy services, we prioritise in hiring highly skilled technicians and professionals. Our team is carefully selected based on strict requirements, ensuring a proper background, set of skills and experiences in the field along with the right perspective on work ethics and professionalism. In addition, we provide our team with the prerequisite training fully and the necessary certificates required for the job. Also, the team and management of the company is continuously getting stronger by welcoming skilled experienced personnel and engineers with extensive knowledge of the Construction phase.

We aim to become one of the most reliable service providers in the wind energy sector known for its quality services, credibility and great cooperation.

Our adaptability enables our team to focus on the client’s demands, namely to tailor our own working structure to fit the management structure of the client when needed. Moreover, we closely monitor client feedback, as we are keen on improving our services for the better.